Call me a homebody. Even though it looks nothing like the dream home I have in my mind. However, it's my safe hide away from everything, and it includes the people I love the most.

A very loved teddy bear laying on a bench.

Casey and I have lived in about five homes together, not including the few dorms when we first started (yuck). All homes have been their own chapter in our life. The first home we had was in Birmingham Alabama. The furniture was hand-me downs and we woke up every morning with back pain from the mattress.

I was as fresh a green banana in the US. My worked permit was still not approved. Still waited for my driver license and there were no sidewalks outside of our neighborhood. I literally spent every moment at home, while Casey finished his first year off in law school. (Needless to say, it was a rough year!) We had a long way to build a home, and even though I don't miss a thing about that place and chapter in our life. We learned a lot there. It was out first year as married. It was my first year living in the US.

Then we moved to Colorado, and that’s where we finally felt like home, home. After a few years renting, we bought a home in Denver. I was 9 months pregnant and we put an offer in as soon as we walked in the house. Put put that offer in, without even seeing the yard, garage or basement. We were so desperate for a place to call ours.

We were so desperate for a place to call ours.
That house was far from perfect, yet I miss that place so much. It was the house where we brought our newborns to. It was the house where we got snowed in multiple times. That’s the house where I started to feel at home…for the first time…away from Sweden.

In our current home, I love sitting by the kitchen doing watercolors with my children. I love the huge pile of books below my children’s bed every morning, old dog breaking the rules and laying on the couch when he thinks no one will notice him. I don’t necessary love the kid’s muddy shoes in the hallway, or the fact that my husband puts dirty laundry on top of the laundry bin instead on inside of it. But it's one of those things that makes us, us. I know that looking back of photos showing us what we have right now. Without fixing it up to perfection, they will remind us of these days and details.

There is no doubt in my mind on this statement. I am 100% convinced that photos of our everyday life, is what bring us the most joy when we look back at it.

It will show us the moments that actually build and glue our life together.
I look back at my old childhood photos and seeing photos of my dad sleeping on the couch takes me right back to us taking naps there together while listening to a cassette tape. All the sudden I remember the feeling of his scratchy beard. The smells of his shirts that always smelled like fresh sawed wood and gasoline. I am taken back to that moment.

So embrace the mess, relax and reflect on how this home became yours and how the journey looked to get here. Prioritize documenting the life, routine and magic you share with your family while your children are young. This is their heirloom.

How we go about in-home & nostalgia sessions:

How we go about in-home & nostalgia sessions:

You invite me in and I do not take that lightly. I am so grateful to have the privilege to be in your space. 

We trade stories; I will probably overshare, because I always do. Sorry! We sit down and talk through what’s important for you in this chapter of life. What are your favorite things to do at home? What does your routine every day look like? You know, the things that you don’t pay attention to but that you could not go without?

I’ll start documenting and I will capture the little details, such as how your children hold your hand while walking up the giant star chase. How their most loved stuffy is sticking out from their backpack. How your old dog is sitting at the perfect spot to snag one of those leftover pieces of bacon.

A young child dipping cookies in milk, the glass is held by an elderly hand in a nostalgia session

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