I bear witness with my camera. I take slices of the everyday and celebrate the untamed nature of childhood: The chaos, the mess, the frustration, the very essence of what makes life both maddeningly challenging and oh-so-rewarding when all is said and done.



Prices starting at $600

Born from the heart and my camera.



An unscripted, deeply sentimental look at the fleeting rhythms and routines that surround the newborn to baby, baby to toddler phase. These at-home documentary photos immortalize the quietly profound moments that come from parenting a growing baby.



Baby in a bathtub

For families who love the in-home documentary style but have older kids and a bigger picture to capture, these photography sessions focus on showcasing a slice of life in ways big and small – all at home, the most personal place there is. Go about your daily routines and I’ll transform these forever-evolving moments into tangible memory touchstones. Bathtimes — bedtimes — a walk around the neighborhood — sharing an ice cream cone and then embracing the moment even when it gets everywhere. These sessions celebrate the everyday, choosing to view even the hard parts of life and parenthood as beautiful. This is truly one of the most meaningful types of sessions, producing a rich and vibrantly emotive collection of time-capsule images.



Your life and your nest have both changed forever! My at-home newborn sessions are a thoughtful and joyful celebration of your newest family member. Combining documentary and lifestyle photography, I create small time machines in every photo — giving you a way to journey back to this time in life no matter how many years pass.

(Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Roswell and surroundings) For the family who’d like to dress up and frolic together in a beautiful location at sunset, this is your ticket to golden-hour goodness! We’ll still focus on prompts over poses, but these photos deliver a more traditional family photo collection.