Chattanooga is a cool spot that attracts cool people. Clearly. Mom is a badass midwife. Dad is an incredible illustrator. Dogs are cool by just being and baby is of course the coolest of them all, making sure we knew she was the boss. This in home family session was amazing.

As a photographer with years of experience of shooting families with young children, I would say that this is one of the more enjoyable ways to do a family session. In home family sessions are just magical. Take it slow, have plenty of time, think of a few things you really enjoy doing together and then let's just hang out. The feedback I get form these sessions are usually how easy they are. (Not something that taking photos with a toddler usually is).

The reason in home family sessions are so good is because we have everything we need right there. New clothes, diapers, snacks. We have so many creative opportunities with light and shadows. We can include the things that matter, and my own fav: relax. Be us, the regular, everyday, tired, cozy and loving.

I loved this session because we got to do so much together. Waking sweet baby R up, nursing, changing, swingin, reading, snacking and then best of all, a evening bath. (That bathtub was a dream!). I think these kind of photos will just increase in emotional value the more time passes. We will travel back to a time that so quickly passed and hopefully realize how well we did it despite lack of sleep, the long nights, the insane schedules. I think of these session as a gift to our children. Seeing how a day in their life played out before they could remember themselfs. How loved they are and how they are the center of our world from the day they came to us.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hi, I’m Linnéa Geiger - a family, and intimate wedding photographer servicing Atlanta, Colorado, Scandinavia and beyond. Anything with connection makes my heart skip a beat. Contact me here to book your in home family session.

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