I meet up with Sophia Cohen who is a Holistic Health Coach here in Atlanta, for her branding session. She is building her website and needed some help with images that showed who she is and what she offered. Sophia is the owner of Sophia Wellness which is "Whole Hearted Wellness". Her goal is to walk alongside women to help them live a healthier and sustainable life. It isn’t about the “quick fix” to her; instead it is a self love, gut healing, and educating women to take care and heal their bodies while not causing stress. Scroll down to see some of the photos we took. We had some extra time at the studio and squeezed in a little couple shoot too. It was so much fun.

Ping to the best website designer and branding wing woman - Nicole at Soulscore Studio who has helped both me and Sophia

What is a branding session?

Well, what is a brand for you? Your brand tells people what you stand for, what you do and what you offer beyond the obvious. (for example, I am a photographer, so I take photos, but my brand is that I take photos of connections). This is where we show you, your strong sides, that you are approachable and knowledgeable.

During a branding session for we discuss what you want your business to feel like, what do you represent? How will it be for your clients to work with you? The goal during a branding session is that you will walk away with photos that will elevate your website and that you have a big library of images for your social media accounts.

I send all my branding clients an intake form of where we go through questions like your business goals, needs and what brands around you that you love. We also discuss your competition and their advantages and disadvantages. I love this stage!

Stock photos on a website is such a big yuck for me, it’s so easy to make the experience so much better for your clients by upping your photos.  Contact me HERE.


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