Welcoming a newborn into your family is a beautiful, emotional time. I am honored when I have the opportunity to document these first few days as everyone in the family gets to know its newest member. Part of why I love in home newborn sessions is that everyone can be more relaxed and comfortable. Plus, I get a chance to see the beautiful nurseries. This nursery was finished just the day before our shoot, and it was gorgeous. The whole home was decorated in calming, neutral tones and it was not only beautiful, but also very convenient for us, and the weather outside was really gloomy and dark. Had the home been decorated in darker colors we might have struggled more with catching enough light.

This newborn session was done a rainy and dark day in early January. I was a little bit worried about the light, but their home being decorated in neutral colors helped a lot. Such a calm and inviting space that brought a tone of light.

And talking about nurseries, ahh, look at this hidden Narnia room and think about the possibilities! Gah!

Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Lifestyle Sessions:

How long will it take?

A lifestyle session will typically last 1.5 hours but it can last as long as 2 hours if we stop frequently for nursing and diaper breaks. I always plan for these sessions to be longer so we will not be in any rush. These sessions are laid back and relaxed. We’ll work around your and the baby’s needs.

Do I have to have a perfect home?

You do NOT need to have a designer home or bright rooms for one of our sessions. All you need is one nice window, and we are all set! Don’t clean or worry about your home being perfect. If I need to tidy up a space, I will handle that. We also want to showcase you and your life.

When will I get my pictures?

About 2-3 weeks after the session.

Are you expecting a new arrival? Contact me now! It’s never too early to talk about scheduling a newborn photography session.

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