Mother holding two sons in her arms lovingly

As I look through the photos of my boys I’ve taken over the years, I am instantly transported back to a things that otherwise would grow foggy in my mind. I can once more feel the sweetness of my baby’s cheek resting on me as I nurse endlessly into the smallest hours of morning. I can hear the water splashing all over the walls as ear-piercing delighted screams accompany another round of my boys going to war in the bathtub. I can relive the way they reached for me with teary faces, needing me and only me to fix their boo-boos.

Did you feel something when I wrote these things? A tug in your heart, a flicker of sentiment? Good. This is my why. This is the purpose behind my work. The gift I want to give to others: a touchstone to some of the most special and soulful moments a life can have.

Young boy playing with a towel in the wind at a dock

The path to photography was born out of my deepest need to hold on, while still letting go. You see, becoming a parent changed me forever. I suddenly saw life so crystal clear with the birth of my first son: My children are who I once was: innocent, uninhibited by the world, playful, creative, untamed. This version of them will steadily fall away under the weight of growth, time, and age — as it did for me as well. I mourn for it already, and wish they could always be small enough for their mama to protect them from every last bad thing in the world.

Shall I tell your story too?

mother reading to her two sons in the bed
Family Session in North Atlanta

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