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I want know who you are and then together work with you to create a plan that will bring out the moments and connections you hold dear.

Each and every client of mine walks away with a collection of documentary-influenced photos that show their family, their love story, their particular relationship to the greater outside world.


Eating sticky, dripping popsicles in the sweltering summer heat on the back porch…

Exploring a nature preserve brandishing stick-swords with makeshift superhero capes on…

Sudsing up in the tub for bath time…

My unscripted sessions are unique to the people in my emotional storytelling photography. Poses and props are not allowed. Neither is “look at the camera!” Instead, your job is to be fully present with your family and allow me to peek into the life you share. How? Hold hands. Pick wildflowers. Sing a favorite song together. Gaze into each other’s eyes and focus on how special it is to share life with the people you call yours. Smell your baby’s skin. Steal a kiss. Soothe away the grumpies. Tell them what they mean to you. Propose an impromptu race and at the end, snatch your little one up and whirl them around. Laugh until your sides hurt. Let the moment lead. Soak it in. Find joy.

Get curious. Just. Be.


Family sitting on the floor by a window

Hej hej, I’m Linnéa — the storyteller and visionary behind the camera and your Atlanta Family Photographer. Hailing originally from Sweden, thirty-some years later life has found me nestled in the sleepy suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. I spend my days somewhere in the place between the mad whirlwind of motherhood and the constant ache of creating meaningful art.

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Newborn Photography

Tiny toes. The softest skin. The awe that comes from holding the smallest human and knowing they are yours to raise. My at-home newborn sessions are a tender look at your newcomer, the beginning of your next chapter, the continuation of life as we know it ever-evolving into something new.

Child Led Sessions

Children are naturals in cultivating genuine moments. It is imperative that we let them guide us through these sessions. Let go of the reigns a bit. Cut loose. See what you might learn about your own wildings in the process.

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Two dads hugging while their son jumps on their back


I donate part of the price of my sessions to several organizations

Family Photography

A Candid Family Session In Phoenix AZ

June 3, 2024
Family Photography

In Home Session Denver

May 25, 2024
Family Photography

Newborn Shoot in Midtown Atlanta

May 9, 2024

Health Coach Branding Session

March 15, 2023
Newborn Photography

A newborn session in Marietta GA

March 1, 2023
Family Photography

A in home family session in Chattanooga TN

January 31, 2023

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And I received recognition and awards from Winner in Category “Out of Hospital” of Birth Becomes Her . Winner of  Superfeel  FAMILY CHOICE AWARD. Winner of Superfeel PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD. Winner of 9th Season of Outstanding Maternity Awards.